Bags For Life


Patterns of Play have teamed up with Equipo FC to design and produce a unique collection of handmade tote bags. A range of old football shirts have been carefully chosen and remoulded into something completely new. Something that fans can wear with pride, not only to the stadium but everywhere they go.

Bags For Life_Collection.jpg

Each bag represents a different team and has been stitched together by hand into a one-off piece of work. So now you can carry your daily possessions or half-time snacks inside something that belongs to you and only you. A piece of merchandise that forever connects you with your club’s colours and history and something that will last a lifetime, just like your support for your team.

Forest on grass_close up.jpg
Forest on grass.jpg
Bags For Life_Logo.jpg

One club. One bag. For life.

Birmingham original shirt.jpg
Birmingham City on grass.jpg

The first collection is themed on teams from the English Football League including Birmingham City, Hull City, West Brom, Stoke City, Sunderland, Norwich City and Nottingham Forest. Each bag produced is available to buy online now as a unique one-off piece.


Norwich City 15-16_Third_A_close up 1_1500.jpg
Bags For Life_Gift Tags.jpg
Hull City 16-17_Away_close up 3_1500.jpg

Planning is already underway to create further Bags For Life collections covering teams from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and many more. So stay tuned for future developments and let us know any particular teams you’d like to see featured.