Introducing: Bags For Life

November 19, 2018


With a new era in football fashion quickly emerging, Equipo FC have cleverly turned the tables on generic club shop merchandise with these unique and handmade works of art. We gave one of our favourites from the collection a test run at the latest Norwich City home game and here’s how it went down.


Amongst the ordinary crowd of match day paraphernalia - hats, scarves and pin badges - it felt good to be wearing something fresh and never seen before!

If i’m being completely honest I really enjoyed being asked where my bag was from knowing that no one would be able to turn up in the same one the following week!

leaving there mark on the football scene

The bag is something about how it’s manufactured

a definite stand out piece

re inventing football merchandise

unisex head turner


The debut collection of Bags For Life includes Norwich City, Hull City, Birmingham City, West Brom, Stoke City, Sunderland and Nottingham Forest. Each one-off piece will be available to buy from our online shop this week.


For press enquiries or more information about the bags, please send an email to