Matchday 10

Norwich City v Rotherham United

Sky Bet Championship
Saturday December 1, 2018
Kick–off 3pm


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"I'm a freelance designer, illustrator and South-Coast Canary from Brighton. I produce a combination of hand-drawn and digital designs for a wide range of printed products, online media and painted murals. Away from my client work, my self-driven projects include illustrations of birds, old-school pro wrestlers and as much 80's/90's pop culture as possible.

Although my final product will always have a very polished, bold digital look to it, the majority of everything I do will start off as a tiny pencil doodle as I will always love just doing it the old-fashioned way. Being powered by the 1980’s, I try to incorporate retro-style patterns into my designs; a zig-zag here or a squiggle there. You'll always find super-chunky linework as the core of my pieces too, whether I'm working digitally or on paper.

I was really pleased when I was asked to illustrate 'Beaming Lord Sutch', as my memories of him have always been; 'Mr. Norwich, loyal to the club, right 'til the end, always put a 100% shift in (even when he had to go in goal), his always excellent hair and dimples you could park your bike in! I was only a youngster during the 92/93 season but I'll always think of the big, fluffy flat-top haircut he had during that period, which has (of course) been featured in the piece I've produced."

Words by Cover Artist, Ian Fulcher

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To further celebrate this seasons Portrait of an Icon cover artwork, we've released print editions of every piece which are available to buy now from our online shop.


Daryl Sutch

by Ian Fulcher

Portrait print
40cm x 30cm
Arcoset uncoated 190gsm
Individually hand embossed
Open edition