Matchday 11

Norwich City v Bolton Wanderers

Sky Bet Championship
Saturday December 8, 2018
Kick–off 3pm


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"Drawing is fundamental to my work. I'm particularly interested in the human form, always looking for a gesture, an expression, something fleeting that can be captured and preserved on paper or canvas. Searching for dramatic moments within the everyday, I try to produce works that are driven not only by observation, but also by an attention to how people are. Finished pieces are developed from my collection of sketchbook drawings and photographs, and it is with these images that I attempt to evoke the essence of the subject through an exploration of mark making and composition.

For the George Martin cover, I wanted to capture the player’s expression; I love the way he is looking directly out at us, confident and self-assured. There is a stillness and tranquillity about this man, which belies the horrors he must have witnessed during his World War I service, and is in stark contrast to the movement and dynamism he would have displayed on the pitch. I chose to use charcoal for the drawing because of its transitory qualities; its smudgy dustiness evokes well a sense of loss and blurred, receding memories."

Words by Cover Artist, Elizabeth Monahan

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To further celebrate this seasons Portrait of an Icon cover artwork, we've released print editions of every piece which are available to buy now from our online shop.


George Martin

by Elizabeth Monahan

Portrait print
40cm x 30cm
Arcoset uncoated 190gsm
Individually hand embossed
Open edition