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Patterns of Play is a football design studio based in Norwich, UK. We celebrate the iconic memories, quirks and culture of the beautiful game with a range of limited edition prints, original artwork and merchandise available to buy online. We also host pop-up exhibitions and provide design services for a range of projects and events. From pitch-side beach huts to matchday programmes; we design, curate and celebrate the beautiful game.

Our culture

Our heart and soul is in the grassroots game. We grew up playing headers and volleys everyday on the local park and now take pleasure in the smell of deep heat and Sunday mornings in the rain.



Creativity not only happens on the field of play, it also takes place inside a sprinkling of minds on the terraces. Patterns of Play provides a platform for football-inspired artists, illustrators and designers to showcase and sell their work.

To get involved, please email some examples of your recent work to


Patterns of Play is an independent design studio based in Norwich. Established in 2015, we are thought of as a space for football culture to encourage collaborations with artists and brands and carry out design projects for clients.